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 The Government
  • Prime Minister : Abdelaziz Djerad
  • Sabri Boukadoum: Foreign Minister.
  • Kamel Beldjoud: Minister of the Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning.
  • Belkacem Zeghmati: Minister of Justice
  • Abderahmane Raouya: Minister of Finance.
  • Mohamed Arkab: Minister of Energy.
  • Tayeb Zitouni: Minister of Mujahideen and Right-Holders.
  • Youcef Belmehdi: Minister of Religious Affairs and Awqaf.
  • Mohamed Ouadjaout: Minister of National Education.
  • Chems-Eddine Chitour: Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • Hoyam Benfriha: Minister of Vocational Training and Education.
  • Malika Bendouda: Minister of Culture.
  • Brahim Boumzar: Minister of Post and Telecommunications.
  • Sid Ali Khaldi: Minister of Youth and Sports.
  • Kaoutar Krikou: Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women's Issues.
  • Ferhat Aït Ali Braham: Minister of Industry and Mining.
  • Chérif Omari: Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Kamel Nasri: Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and the City
  • Kamel Rezig: Minister of Trade.
  • Ammar Belhimer: Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government.
  • Farouk Chiali: Minister of Public Works and Transport.
  • Arezki Berraki: Minister of Water Resources.
  • Hacene Mermouri: Minister of Tourism, Craft Industry and Family Work
  • Abderrahmane Benbouzid: Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform.
  • Ahmed Chawki Fouad Acheuk Youcef: Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security
  • Bessma Azouar: Minister of Relations with Parliament.
  • Nassira Benharrats: Minister  of Environment and Renewable Energy
  • Sid Ahmed Ferroukhi: Minister of Fisheries and Fish Production
  • Yassine Djeridene: Minister of Micro-Enterprise, Startup and Economy of Knowledge.
  • Bachir Messaitfa : Deputy Minister of for Statistics and Forward Planning
  • Foued Chehat: Deputy Minister for Sahara Agriculture and Mountains
  • Aïssa Bekkai: Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade.
  • Abderrahmane Lotfi Djamel Benbahmad: Deputy Minister for Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Hamza Al Sid Cheikh: Deputy Minister for Sahara Environment
  • Nassim Diafat: Deputy Minister for Incubators.
  • Yacine Oualid: Deputy Minister for Startups.
  • Rachid Bladehane: Secretary of State for National Community and Experts Abroad.
  • Bachir Youcef Sehairi: Secretary of State for Film Industry.
  • Salim Dada: Secretary of State for Cultural Production.
  • Nouredine Morceli: Secretary of State for Elite Sport.
  • Yahia Boukhari, Secretary General of the Government.



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