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 Ambassador Mourad Adjabi gives an interview to turkish newspaper “Daily Sabah”

On February  11th 2020, Ambassador Mourad Adjabi gave an interview to turkish newspaper “Daily Sabah”. In this interview, Ambassador Adjabi highlighted the ongoing efforts made by Algeria in order to achieve a sustainable solution to the Libyan crisis, stressing, at the same time, the importance of the coordination between Turkey and Algeria in this regard. He also pointed to the significant outcomes of President Erdogan’s recent visit to Algeria and to the promising perspectives of bilateral cooperation on so many levels and in various fields.

Ambassador Adjabi’s main statements: 

- “The two countries have entered a new era in bilateral relations”. 
- About the Libyan crisis: “There is a significant coordination and understanding between Turkey and Algeria … The two countries should continue to work toward their common objectives regarding the libyan conflict”.
- “Erdoğan’s recent visit was a very successful one with historic initiatives and projects planned, including the setting up of a High-Level Cooperation Council”.
- “Bilateral trade volume represents about 4 billion dollars at present and is expected to be raised to 5 billion dollars … Algeria aims to find new fields of cooperation beside the traditional ones”.
- “We are planning to organize a huge meeting that would involve economic operators and businesspersons of the two countries in various fields, and this mechanism is to be institutionalized”. 
- “For a long time, the history of the world and the history of the region have been written by outsiders, by Westerners, and it is more than urgent to rewrite our common history by ourselves”.

LINK :                 https://www.dailysabah.com/diplomacy/2020/02/12/turkish-algerian-efforts-for-libyan-truce-bear-fruit-as-outlook-seems-promising-algerian-envoy-says

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