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 Turkish-Algerian Business Forum
The Turkish-Algerian Business Forum concluded its work on January 26th 2020, in Algiers. This meeting hosted a great number of business persons and economic actors from both countries.

On this occasion, President Erdoğan stressed Turkey's desire to establish a strong partnership based on common interest, noting that his country does not perceive Algeria soley as a commercial market. He also pointed out the willingness of the two countries to further develop economic cooperation, especially in the fields of food and military industries. The Turkish President also declared that the two countries are moving forward to sign a free trade agreement.

Algerian Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, indicated that the present level of economic exchanges between Algeria and Turkey are relatively important, but "they do not reflect the capabilities of the two countries". He noted that the presence of the Turkish President in Algeria carries a strong symbolic significance that will contribute to establishing a new framework for the regulation of the economic relations to serve the common interests of both countries. Djerad revealed that the next meeting of the Algerian-Turkish Joint Committee for Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation, which is scheduled to be held this year in Algeria, will be an opportunity to pursue joint actions and finalize pending agreements.


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